Dear Parents

Your Child is very special to us.It gives me great pleasure to assert that Christu Jyothi Convent Sr. Sec. School, Baraut has completed 19 years as a prestigious learning centre. Through all these years, the school has helped the students to unfold the promise of a better tomorrow, arming them to meet the challengers of the future.

Realizing the depth in the quote that “Child is the father of man. “It becomes essential to ensure that children became good human beings, responsible adults and true citizens of the country. This Hand-book plays an important role. The purpose of the hand-book is to give parents, guardians, teachers and students a concise source of information on our school, its rules, goals and expectations. It is important that all of us who are part of the school become familiar with the expectations of the school.

This Hand-book not only gives the academic and co-curricular activities of the session but also acts as a communication link between the school and home. Parents are requested to acknowledge and take actions as required.

With the active participation and sincere involvement of the parents along with the faculty, the school will surely be able to carry out its mission with commitment and bring forth a brighter and a more vibrant tomorrow in the years to come.

( Principal )

Christu Jyothi Convent Sr. Sec. School Baraut

Dear Parents

  • The school uniform is compulsory for all students attending the school.
  • The purpose of having uniform is manifold. It is intended to inculcate in them the spirit and feeling of belonging to the school. It also infuses in students the spirit of unity and harmony but above all the sense of equality among them.
  • The students who do not come to school in uniform will be sent back at the risk of the parents/guardians and are also likely to be punished for defaulting this rule.
# Days Boys Girls
1 On Wednesday: White pants or shorts and white half-sleeve shirts with tie and belt.
  • IV White tunic and white shirt with tie and belt.
  • V – VII White skirt and shirt with tie and belt.
  • VIII – XII White Salwar-Suit
2 On Saturday: House Dress. House Dress.

Grey sleevless sweater and grey coat with the days uniform.
# Foot-wear On Wednesday and Saturday
1 Black shoes and white socks. White canvas shoes.


  • Be honest and truthful.
  • Respect all elders and be kind to all.
  • Love and be ready for any kind of work.
  • Be punctual and diligent.
  • Be clean in thoughts, words and deeds.
  • Be just.
  • Be cheerful.
  • Do to others what you wish others to do to you.


All School fee must be paid by 15th of the first month of the Quarter, failing which a fine of Rs. 20/- shall charged up to the 15 of the next month. All dues must be cleared before the commencement of the examinations.